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European Union envoys in Islamabad celebrate World Tourism Day

Islamabad, 27/09/2021 - 14:33, UNIQUE ID: 210927_10
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Subject: European Union envoys in Islamabad celebrate World Tourism Day

Islamabad, 27 September 2021:  Today the envoys of the EU Member States stationed in Islamabad celebrated the World Tourism Day in a unique way by sharing photos of their favourite tourist destinations ranging from North to South of Pakistan collected in video for social media platforms to highlight the significance of tourism.

Every year the World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27 September to mark its importance. Tourism stimulates economy creating jobs, preserves and promotes cultural heritage, establishes bonds and leads of social cohesion and harmony.

Tourism is considered one of the main drivers for social and economic development.  It is also a key player in global trade as well as main source of income for many developing nations.  Growth in tourism is linked to diversification and therefore also stimulates competition at the destinations generating further economic activities and many associated sectors like hotels, food and communications.  Modern day tourism remains a catalyst for economic expansion, comprehensive development and guarantor for environmental protection.

Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan H. E. Mrs Androulla Kaminara said, “Pakistan is blessed with rich cultural heritage and enormous natural beauty. It has full potential to be main attraction for the regional as well as international tourism leading to more economic opportunities for common people and preservation of their cultural heritage.”

To know more about truism and travel in EU please see: Overview of EU Tourism Policy; Travel during the coronavirus pandemic


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