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On 4 May, High Representative/Vice-President Borrell held a phone call with the Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan, Abdulaziz Kamilov, to discuss the global response to the coronavirus pandemic, the EU’s support to Uzbekistan in respect of this challenge, the EU-Uzbekistan bilateral agenda, and broader
As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, the European Union and its Member States have observed cyber threats and malicious cyber activities targeting essential operators in Member States and their international partners, including in the healthcare sector. Since the beginning of the
Check against delivery! Today, we celebrate the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace. As we tackle the biggest global health crisis of our generation, the European Union reaffirms its longstanding commitment to international cooperation and to the rules-based international
Today, on “International Museum Day” the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Uzbekistan has launched a unique digital art project – a virtual exhibition “Connections: 12 Symbols and Meanings” on, as part of series of Europe Day events.
High Representative/Vice President Josep Borrell, supported by the EEAS, the Commission and EU Delegations around the world, led the work to strengthen coordination among Member States to help EU citizens who were stranded outside the EU
The voice of journalists is our own voice. When media remain silent, it is like societies themselves are muzzled: unable to hold the political and economic leadership to account or to grant people the right to make fact-based choices in life.
The Story of Pomegranate River
The Story of Pomegranate River
This video is the success story of the young production cooperative "Dehkanabad Asl Anori", which was established in 2017 in Syrdarya region and specializes in the production of pomegranate and juice. Demonstrates the impact of agricultural reforms in Uzbekistan. An inspiring film to
The Success Story of ‘Valley Fruits’
The Success Story of ‘Valley Fruits’
It is an inspirational movie to promote the cooperative initiative in Uzbekistan. It best illustrates the impact of the current agriculture reforms of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Europe Day 2020 - Wrap-up video
Europe Day 2020- Together we are Europe
We couldn't open our doors this time, so we opened our digital windows to take you on a trip around the world! Thanks for being with us on #EuropeDay 2020 #TogetherweareEUrope
EU builds a strong and modern partnership with Central Asia
Relations between the European Union and the Republic of Uzbekistan have been developing steadily since its independence in 1991. EU relations with Uzbekistan are embedded in the regularly reviewed EU and Central Asia Strategy for a New Partnership, which outlines the overall cooperation objectives,
Publication describes development of diplomatic, economical relations and development cooperation between the European Union and Uzbekistan. You can find list of bilateral projects, success stories and other useful information about the EU.
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All grant contracts awarded in 2017. Publicly available document to be published for each call for proposals and annually. Compulsory for all grant contracts. Financing source: budget line.
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French layout, Stalinist houses, Khrushchevks- we all know about the existence of many types of layout of apartment buildings in Tashkent. But do we know the origin of the term "French layout"? Many people believe that this name was associated with the plan of apartments, allegedly
The construction of the Catholic Church in Tashkent started in 1912 on the initiative of priest Justin Bonaventure Pranaitis according to the project of the famous Polish architect Ludwik Panciakevich. The workers in the construction of the church were originally Catholic soldiers serving in
The tram is the oldest transport in Tashkent. The first line of the tram, which ran from the railway station to the old city bazaar, was laid by the Belgian joint stock company "Tashkent Tram" and was opened on March 30, 1901. The first test car of the electric tram passed on October 8,