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Team Europe is back in Albania

18/06/2020 - 16:07
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The second part of EU’s assistance to Albania has arrived. As part of the EU global response to the consequences of the COVID19 pandemic, the EU has donated medical equipment to reinforce the country’s health system.

Team Europe in Albania


The donation includes 5 fully equipped ambulances, 15 portable mechanical ventilators and more than 1100 units of specialised medical equipment to treat severe cases. This equipment has proven necessary to respond to the health crisis – which is still occurring – and to strengthen the country’s health system in resurgence response.

EU Ambassador Luigi Sorega delivered the donation at the Trauma Hospital in Tirana, together with Albanian Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu. The EU Ambassador took this opportunity to highlight recognise the work of doctors and nurses in the response to the crisis: “Let me thank all the doctors and nurses […]. They are in the frontline; they are the first line of defence and behalf of the European Union I would like to say that this donation is also for you: to make sure that your work is done in a safer and more effective way”.

"The fight against COIVD19 is not over yet, and can only be won if we all together respect the rules. This additional EU donation will help addressing the situation that has become more acute lately and to prepare the Albania healthcare to better respond to similar threats in the future," said Ambassador Soreca.

The European Union is the biggest donor in the country to support the combat against COVID19. This support includes grants worth 50 million euros for immediate health support and socio-economic recovery. 180 million euros of loans were also made available for macro financial assistance.