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European Film Festival

10/03/2020 - 09:40

The aim of this project is to promote European film culture, freedom of expression and create opportunities for cultural exchange between Europe and Lebanon.


  • Budget: €120,000
  • Location: Lebanon
  • Date of project: Annually since 1993
  • Implementing Partner: Lebanese Art Cinema Association (Metropolis Cinema)

Lebanon’s film industry is booming: new Lebanese talents are continuously emerging and a number of local productions have become internationally acclaimed, award nominated movies. In parallel, many international and national film festivals take place each year in Lebanon, in addition to workshops for producers, scriptwriters and directors.

Nevertheless, good venues to watch independent European cinema remain limited. To bridge that gap, the European Union is bringing European films to screens across Lebanon, notably through the yearly European Film Festival.

This event, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019, provides opportunities for residents of Lebanon to experience the best of European film productions. During the festival, European industry experts also come to Beirut to engage in fruitful conversations and brainstorms with local talents.

After a quarter of a century of cultural collaboration between the European Union and Lebanon, the European Film Festival has not only become a landmark in Beirut's cultural agenda, but also a platform to promote freedom of expression and cultural exchanges.

While providing entertainment, a film festival is also an important vehicle promoting exchange, understanding and tolerance, and a platform for social and political debate on key issues and global challenges such as migration, social identity, class, gender, climate crisis, just to name a few. Over time the festival is transforming to become more inclusive and accessible to people who conventionally have more limited access to culture, with an increasing offer in remote and rural areas of Lebanon as well as suburbs of Beirut. 

Objectives of European Film Festival


  • Promote European film culture
  • Promote freedom of expression
  • Create opportunities for cultural exchange between Europe and Lebanon


Key beneficiaries of European Film Festival


  • The wide public that participates in the screenings and festival side-events
  • Emerging young talented film-makers
  • Lebanese audio-visual schools: cinema and audio-visual students, instructors
  • Lebanese film industry: producers, distributors, directors, technicians
  • Print and online media: journalists, film critics, radio hosts


  • Screenings of recent award-winning European fiction feature films
  • Screenings of classic films from the European film heritage
  • Screening of wide selection of shorts and long films, animations and documentaries tackling interesting themes for discussion with the audience
  • Screenings of Lebanese films co-produced with Europe
  • Organisation of ciné-concerts, open-air cinema, mobile screenings
  • Hommage screenings to notable European film figures (directors, actors, producers…) and other side events
  • Master Classes with guests related to one of the recent European films screened in the festival (scriptwriter directors, actors, producers, sound engineers...)
  • In the spirit of supporting upcoming young directors, a Short Films Competition is organized each year open to young directors (under 35 years old) in Lebanon
  • Increased cultural exchange between Lebanon and the European Union in the domain of cinema
  • Increased awareness among residents of Lebanon about European films and talents
  • Introduction of European professionals to Lebanese filmmakers, audio-visual students, press and journalists
  • Further development of the Lebanese film industry through networking, inspiration and positive exchanges between European and Lebanese talents
  • Increased public awareness and debate around key current and global issues, such as human rights and social issues
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