Delegation of the European Union to Uzbekistan

Returning PATH: Promoting Access To Human rights for vulnerable woman and men

05/07/2018 - 14:14
Democracy and Human Rights

Project aims at protection and promotion of social, economic and cultural rights of vulnerable groups of both genders.

Specific objective is ti enhance the delivery of effective and qualitative social services to vulnerable groups of population through establishment of efficient National Social Support Centre (NSSC).

Beneficiaries: Vulnerable men and women targeted (including future representatives of risk groups) and their family members amounting to 5.000 people; Whole society, citizens of target location in particular (ca. 4 million people).

Expected results are as follows:

  • Pilot National Social Support Centre is established, equipped, and well-functioning (comprehensive capacity building is provided; efficient institutional management system and respective software is elaborated and introduced; services are developed, introduced and standardised);
  • Expanded access for the vulnerable target groups to qualitative social services of established Centre is ensured and concept for further replication and dissemination is elaborated and presented;
  • Partnership mechanism(s) with other stakeholders and favourable environ-ment around the newly established institutions are created and promoted.


Total Cost (EUR): 410 526

EU contracted amount (EUR): 389 999,7

Duration: December 2015 - March 2018


Funding Instrument: European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)

Benefitting zone: Uzbekistan

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