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Sustainable Management of Water Resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan

09/11/2016 - 12:18

The project is implemented under the EU-sponsored Programme on “Sustainable Management of Water Resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan” aims to provide further assistance in the water sector of the country.





Sustainable Management of Water Resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan: Technical Capacity Building (Component 2)



Start date


End date


Geographic are

Uzbekistan, 6 pilot regions

National implementing agency

Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan


Project partners

Involved ministries and agencies in water management; Farmers’ Council, Basin Irrigation System Authorities, Water Users Associations, Farmers; Local municipalities and others



Ulugbek Islamov

Project Manager  

Tel: +998 (71) 241 27 80


Total budget

USD 5,678,755  


USD 200,000

European Union

EURO 5,000,000

Government of Uzbekistan

Project office premises


Project Goal

The project aims at strengthening institutional frameworks and technical capacities for water management at basin, water user association and farm levels while increasing the awareness on effective rational water use.

Due to its geographical location Uzbekistan depends entirely on man-made irrigation. However, the country receives 85% of its total water supply from neighboring upstream countries. At downstream, Uzbekistan uses the water from two main transboundary rivers (Syrdarya and Amudarya) for its agriculture. Share of agriculture in country’s GDP comparatively small (about 25%). But the sector plays a great role in population employment and food security.

Considering increasing demand of water which is connected with industrial development of the country and increasing number of population improving capacity of water resources for ensuring high needs of economy and population with required amount of water is of paramount importance.

The project is implemented under the EU-sponsored Programme on “Sustainable Management of Water Resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan” aims to provide further assistance in the water sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan and consists of three interlinked components:

Component 1 on “National Policy Framework for Water Governance and Integrated Water resources Management (IWRM)”.

Component 2 on “Technical Capacity Building”

Component 3 on “Awareness Raising”.


UNDP in Uzbekistan jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources is responsible for implementation of the Component 2 “Technical Capacity Building”.

The project aims to achieve its goals through implementing five interlinked activities:

1. Enhancing capacities of national institutions in charge of training provision and their technical capacities. This result will be achieved upon conducting baseline assessment of existing and past training modules and tools as well as human and technical capacity and needs assessment of these institutions.

2. Strengthened organizational set-up of the water management players and improved advisory mechanisms for improved water supply services through strengthening material-technical capacity based on needs assessment of BISAs, ISAs, local authorities, and WUAs/farmers on water management efficiency and rational use of water. It is expected to establish of advisory/extension service centers at BISA, ISA and WUA levels aimed at demonstration of quality improvement of water services.

3. Development and implementation of a unified model and approach of capacity building for water management players. Within this activity, the training modules will be developed to be used at the workshops for water management authorities and water users. As a result, a unified/systemized programme will be developed for capacity building in water management sector.

4. Enhanced links and networking with EU institutions and practitioners. In the frame of this activity a scholarship programme for trainers and practitioners will be organized as well as study tours will be organized in the aim of learning best European practices in the field of water resources.

5. In the aim of development of community development plans with water management as a cross cutting issue will be conducted baseline assessment of communities (economic, social and environmental dimensions) as well as guidelines for community development planning worked out. Also, trainings and workshops for communities and local authorities on better water planning, use, and water saving techniques will be conducted. As a result of this activity will be Community development plans for pilot communities for sustainable water supply in household and local farms.


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