Delegation of the European Union to Uruguay

Uruguay and the EU sign agreements reaffirming their strategic alliance

12/07/2021 - 18:00
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Three projects in the areas of information technology, forestry and education were approved during the first meeting of the Executive Committee of the Bilateral Association Instrument between Uruguay and the EU.


On Monday 12 July, within the framework of the first meeting of the Executive Committee of the Bilateral Association Instrument between Uruguay and the European Union held at the Executive Tower, the EU and Uruguay approved the financing of three new initiatives.

1) "Women in the information technology sector". Promoted by the National Employment Directorate, in association with the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies and the local governments of several Departments, this initiative seeks to promote the labour insertion of women in the information technology sector.

2) “Circular Economy: Innovation and Sustainable Development of the mechanical wood transformation industry”. With the participation of the Ministry of Industry, Energy & Mining and the local governments of the departments of Rivera and Tacuarembó, this initiative plans to develop an innovative business model based on the principles of circular economy for the valuation of wood waste and by-products.

3) “Training of young innovators”. Promoted by Uruguay's Technological University, and to be developed in the Departments of Paysandú, Lavalleja and Cerro Largo, this initiative seeks to develop innovative capacity and entrepreneurial attitude in young people for the solution of problems and to foster local development.

At the meeting, EU Ambassador Katl-Otto König highlighted that the event marked a key moment in the history of cooperation between the European Union and Uruguay, since its objective was the implementation of a new cooperation modality that strengthens dialogue for development. He said he was pleased to approve the three projects, that respond to strategic priorities of both the EU and Uruguay. Green and digital transformation and decent work are three goals for which the EU is determined to work in cooperation with third countries.

Deputy Presidency Secretary Rodrigo Ferrés referred to the substantive role that international cooperation has for Uruguay, and to the importance of having the support of the EU in particular, a strategic partner for Uruguay which fosters innovation and has considerable technical expertise.

Industry Undersecretary Walter Verri, Labour Director Daniel Pérez, Technological University of Uruguay Counselor Rodolfo Silveira, International Cooperation Director Mariano Berro, and Foreign Ministry Cooperation Director Alejandro Mernies also participated in the event.

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