Delegation of the European Union to Uruguay

Signing of grant agreements with Uruguayan civil society

22/09/2017 - 16:25

The signing ceremony of five EU grant contracts with Uruguayan civil society organizations took place on Monday 7 August at the headquarters of the EU Delegation to Uruguay.

The five projects have a total EU contribution of € 2,400,000 and cover important human rights and environmental protection issues:

1) Project "Uruguay looks at trafficking". Objective: to promote the implementation of public policies that reduce trafficking situations in Uruguay. Total cost: € 511,000.

2) Project "Cooperation with equity". Objective: to generate strategies and actions for the promotion of the socio-economic and cultural rights of women. Total cost: € 467,172.

3) Project "Horizons of freedom". Objective: to contribute to the economic, social, cultural and political integration of adolescents and young people whose rights and full exercise citizenship have been violated. Total cost: € 592,884.

4) Project "Farrapos-Queguay Biological Corridor". Objective: to generate a sustainable connectivity zone (biological corridor) between the protected areas of Montes del Queguay (in the Department of Paysandú) and Esteros de Farrapos (in the Department of Rio Negro) for the conservation of biodiversity, through the management of ecosystems and the strengthening of local actors with the use of participatory tools for local land management, environmental risk management and climate change mitigation. Total cost: € 557,710.

5) Project "More Knowledge, More Participation, More Rights". Objective: to contribute to the development of actions for an inclusive and egalitarian society with a focus on human rights. Total cost: € 615,700.

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