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The EU has been battling for the implementation and respect for human rights, and the global abolition
of death penalty remains a prominent priority. We celebrate the European and World Day against Death
Penalty by reaffirming our strong stand against capital punishment.

The Sahel is facing a lethal combination of security, humanitarian, and political crises. Since the start of 2019, violent events across Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger have resulted in nearly 10,000 fatalities. Ongoing extremism, climate change, and food insecurity have additionally forced more than 2.5 million people to flee their homes. Local governments are struggling to address the insecurity, and political challenges are mounting. In mid-August, the Malian military ousted President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita after months of protests calling for his resignation.


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08/10/2020 - This Wednesday, we discussed in the European Parliament the dramatic situation in Venezuela. The country suffers from a deep political crisis with enormous humanitarian consequences. In recent weeks we have been trying to help create the minimum conditions for free and fair legislative elections. So far, the Maduro government has refused to postpone them. However, I will continue to work for a democratic solution which is the only way out.

Climate change is showing up at our doorstep in the United States, with unprecedented fires in Oregon and California and floods in the mid-West. But in small islands around the world, its devastating effects have been felt for decades. With limited material and financial resources, islands must find new ways of fighting back. What can we learn from their examples? Can international cooperation pave the way forward?

October 10 is World and European Day Against the Death Penalty. To commemorate this date and raise awareness around the issue of capital punishment in the United States, the European Union, in partnership with the German Presidency of the EU Council, the Death Penalty Information Center and Witness to Innocence, invite you to a virtual screening of the film "Just Mercy."

06/10/2020 - We need to strengthen our ties with Africa, a young and dynamic continent. First and foremost, in order to get to grips with the current crisis, and that will be the purpose of my visit to Ethiopia this week. But also in a more structural way to jointly foster economic development which is green, digital and fair on our two continents.

02/10/2020 - The EU sometimes struggles to take decisions on foreign policy due to divisions among member states. And yet many want the EU to play a stronger, geo-political role in a dangerous world. We need an honest debate without taboos on how best to achieve this, including on how we take decisions.

Biodiversity and Nature are essential for all life on the planet. Biodiversity plays a critical role for sustainable development and human well-being. Biodiversity can also reinforce peace when putting in place inclusive management of natural resources, respecting indigenous rights, combatting wildlife trafficking or promoting international dialogue around shared resources. In one of his first speeches as EU High Representative, Josep Borrell had stressed that "Today, land and natural resources management is one of the most critical challenges the world is facing."