Delegation of the European Union 
to the United States

Statement by the Spokesperson on abolition of death penalty in the US state of New Hampshire

Bruxelles, 30/05/2019 - 20:12, UNIQUE ID: 190530_32
Statements by the Spokesperson

On 30 May, the state of New Hampshire abolished the death penalty with a two-third majority in both the State Senate and the House. This brings to 21 the number of US States that have abolished the death penalty, in addition to four States that have declared a moratorium on executions.

With this decision New Hampshire joins the growing trend to eliminate capital punishment in the US, and in the world, where two thirds of countries have already, by law or de facto, abolished the death penalty.

The death penalty constitutes an affront to human dignity, is a cruel and degrading punishment and is not proven to be a more effective deterrent to crime than imprisonment.

As the European Union, we strongly oppose the death penalty and will continue encouraging its abolition in the few remaining countries that still apply it.