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EU Ambassador David O'Sullivan Speaks on Transatlantic Trade, Data Privacy and Intellectual Property

13/04/2018 - 16:42
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Keynote at the Atlantic Council's conference on "Protectionism, Data Privacy, and the Transatlantic Partnership".

On April 11, 2018, EU Ambassador to the United States David O'Sullivan concluded the Spring Conference of the Atlantic Council's EuroGrowth Initiative. This event kicked off the EU Delegation's #EUatSpringMeetings campaign and discussed EU-U.S. cooperation on trade, macroeconomics, data privacy and intellectual property.

Ambassador O'Sullivan said that "history has shown that America is stronger when Europe is united, strong and prosperous." He added that the transatlantic partnership is "fair and balanced" and that "creating barriers to the flow of transatlantic trade and investment would be detrimental to growth and jobs on both sides of the Atlantic, and would affect the global economy." According to Ambassador O'Sullivan, the EU and the U.S. "should take advantage of the current global prosperity to address unemployment, ensure sound public finance and prevent the mistakes of the past from reappearing in our future".

Ambassador O'Sullivan concluded by saying that the "transatlantic relationship goes far beyond a purely mercantilist approach, or the defence of national interests. Our cooperation is not a zero-sum game. Our partnership has been ‘win-win’ for decades. We have thrived together.

A strong Europe means a strong America. We remain the United States’ best friends of first resort, not just in the good times, but allies you can turn to during the tough times."

Read the full speech here and watch the event here.

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