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EU indispensable partner for the US: Mogherini

10/03/2017 - 21:50
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The European Union is a strong and constructive global power, and an indispensable partner for United States.

The European Union is  a strong and constructive global power, and an indispensable partner for United States. And will continue to be so, despite 'Brexit', High Representative Federica Mogherini said today.

"I believe that in Europe it is time we start to focus on how strong we are ... If you look at the numbers, if you look at the reality, it's quite obvious this is still the best place in the world where you can live, do business and improve your lives," she told the AmCham EU Transatlantic Conference: 'Room for three? The implications of Brexit on the EU-US relationship'.

"In seventy years we, Europeans, have become a global power. This is also a word that we don't normally associate with Europe. Power. But indeed if you look at the numbers, we are a global power. We are today part of the world’s economic G3, we are the leading trading partner and foreign investor at all corners of the world, everywhere, from Asia to Latin America, and we are a global security provider, more and more so."

As such, the EU is an indispensable partner for the United States, Mogherini said.

"We need each other on security issues – Europe needs the United States, but also the United States need Europe and the European Union. We need each other because, first of all, the challenges we're facing are common and they go beyond our borders. If you think of the real security challenges we are facing today: think of the online propaganda of terrorist groups, think of terrorist financing."

"Also, because no country has the resources to address today’s crises alone. If you take Syria or Iraq, for instance, military power is for sure essential, but it is not enough – either to end the war, neither to win the peace.

"And we have learned some lessons in the past. So Europe’s diplomatic network, power, work, we are the only ones who talk to all the players in the region and beyond. And also our humanitarian support: we are the first donor worldwide and we are by far the first humanitarian donor for Syria and Iraq."

The High Representative also underlined that the EU remains the most attractive market and the largest source of investments in the world.

European majority-owned firms employ more than four million Americans inside the United States, and more than two and a half million jobs depend on exports towards the European Union in the United States. Almost three quarters of Foreign Direct Investments - three quarters - in the United States come from Europe and the share has been rising in recent years enormously.

The EU will continue to work pragmatically and constructively with the US, Mogherini said: "And we will be even more indispensable in the future as a force for multilateralism, for a fairer globalisation, for an open and cooperative global order and I believe, also, for an economic growth that can benefit businesses, trade but also the life of our citizens.