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Photo Competition – "Nothing for Granted"

08/03/2018 - 14:40
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Photo Competition – "Nothing for Granted"



On the occasion of International Women's Day, celebrated each year on 8 March, the Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia, in partnership with Setaweet, invites amateur and professional photographers to participate in a photo competition celebrating women's role in Ethiopian society. We are looking for contributions of photographs that show a positive image of Ethiopian women and their contributions to development and society in Ethiopia, thereby presenting the different roles of women in the political, economic and social spheres. We will specifically award those submissions with prices that show women's roles in their diversity, open new perspectives and do not reproduce stereotypical images.

The best 6 pictures will be awarded with prices in two categories, namely an 'open category' and a 'professional category'. The first price in the open category will be a smart phone and a camera will be awarded for the winner of the professional competition. Place 2 to 6 will receive various gift vouchers.

A selection of the photographs will be shown at an exhibition in May 2018.


Rules of the competition

  • Each entry should be a photograph.

  • Each participant may submit one picture only.

  • Photographs will be submitted via email.

  • < >s should reflect the sub-themes of the competition, namely women's participation in public life, economic empowerment, women's rights, rural women, daily contributions of women, strong women, new perspectives on women's roles, non-stereotypical images. These sub-themes will be among the selection criteria.

    This competition has two categories for submissions:

    'Open category' where everybody can feel free to submit a photograph and a category for 'professional photographs'

  • The name, telephone number and physical address of the participant need to be indicated with the email submission.

  • The photograph should be submitted together with a title.


    Sending the design

  • Pictures should be submitted via the following email

  • All entries must be received by 30 April 2018. Pictures submitted after this deadline will not be considered.

  • The category (professional or open) must be indicated with the submission.

  • The minimum resolution for the picture in the professional competition should be 3000x4000. There are no restrictions for the open competition.

  • For clarifications please call Setaweet +251118225451



  • The European Union cannot be held responsible for force majeure, should the competition be modified or cancelled.

  • Submission of an entry presupposes the acceptance of all competition conditions by the participants. No appeal on the method of the organisation or on the results of the competition will be accepted. The jury's decisions will be final.


    Selection and results

  • The results will be officially announced on Europe Day on 9 May. The winners will be directly informed by e-mail and the results will also be announced on the EU Delegations Website and Facebook Account.

  • The exhibition with start with an award ceremony on the evening of 14 May. Pictures will be displayed at the Alliance Française until 19th May.



  • 6 Pictures will be awarded in each category. The first price in the open categories will be a smart phone and a camera in the professional competition. The other winners will receive various gift vouchers per each consolation winner.



  • Competition entries will not be returned to the participants. By entering the contest, participants agree to the reproduction of their entries. The participants understand that the copyright of the pictures will be retained by the European Union and their partner Setaweet.




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