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From Ashdod to the Beaches of Europe: Important Milestones in the EU's Battle against Plastic Pollution

Ramat Gan, 8 July 2021, 08/07/2021 - 13:28, UNIQUE ID: 210708_13
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Starting this week, single-use plastic plates, cutlery, straws, balloon sticks and cotton buds can no longer be placed on the markets of European Union member states, in accordance with new EU rules. In addition, the same measure applies to cups, food and beverage containers made of expanded polystyrene, and all products made of oxo-degradable plastic.

The purpose of these steps is to combat the worsening plastic pollution that is endangering the health of the entire planet. Over 80% of marine litter is compiled of plastic. The same plastic that leads to the death of many marine animals, and ends up in the food we all eat.

Plastic Free - Ashdod Beach

The battle against plastic pollution is a global one, and the EU continues to cooperate with its partners all across the world to tackle this common challenge. On July 7, Ashdod City Council unanimously voted in favour of a ban of plastic cutlery, plates and glasses from its beaches, based on the initiative by Ashdod Mayor Dr. Yechiel Lasry. This new policy, which the EU Delegation in Tel Aviv is proud to support, continues the important trend that began with the ban on similar items in kindergartens and day cares in Ashdod four years ago.

The EU Delegation’s support for Ashdod’s historic initiative is in line with the priorities and strategies of the European Green Deal, a set of policies recently enshrined in legislation to ensure Europe’s economy and society to become climate-neutral by 2050. One of the Green Deal’s key components is the cooperation with international partners to improve global environmental standards.

We are currently marking Plastic Free July, a well-known global initiative aimed at bolstering the fight against plastic pollution. For the EU, safeguarding the environment and fighting climate change will remain a top priority. We call on everyone to make this July a meaningful chapter in the important battle against pollution.

Plastic Free - Ashdod Beach


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