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Dialogue and Intercultural Philosophy Seminar – Rome, 5th March 2019

19/03/2019 - 10:58
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The importance of educated reflection of those who have the knowledge of different cultures – said HOD Jan Tombiński

The HOD Ambassador Jan Tombiński, spoke at the Dialogue and Intercultural Philosophy Seminar held at the the Pontificial Gregorian University on 5 March in Rome, in the framework of a cycle of conferences with the scope of bringing together senior academics to share their research regarding the fundamental dynamics of dialogue across conceptual borders that often divide cultures, tradition and religions.


“The coexistence that has been shaped over the centuries creates a space for better understanding of diversity. Yet we observe how easily stereotypic and xenophobic opinions are gaining ground when there are suddenly large movements of populations” said Ambassador Tombiński.


Ambassador Tombiński stressed the importance of “educated reflection of those who have the knowledge of different cultures” through dialogue “that in philosophy is understood as any kind of meeting and communication between people undertaken in the spirit of openness, respect and trust”.


The other speakers at the conference were Prof. Paul Gilbert SJ, former teacher of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Pontificial Gregorian University, Prof. Pablo Virgilio Mella Febles SJ, Professor at the Instituto Superior Pedro Francisco Bono’ of Santo Domingo, and Prof. Raúl Fornet - Betancourt, Professor of Philosophy at Bremen University.