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On 24 October we celebrate the laying of the first stone of the most universal multilateral project in history: the United Nations.


21 October 2019, New York – European Union Statement delivered by Ms. Anne Kemppainen, Minister Counsellor, Head of Political Section for Non-proliferation and Disarmament, Delegation of the European Union in Geneva, at the 74th Session of the United Nations First Committee Thematic Discussion on Nuclear Weapons


Un gruppo di Ambasciatori presso la Santa Sede ha istituito un Premio letterario rivolto ad autori che scrivono per il grande pubblico in italiano trattando di temi legati alla fede e alla religione cristiana in particolare. I libri potranno essere candidati fino alla fine del 2019 e il vincitore sarà premiato con una cerimonia che si terrà a Primavera del 2020 a Palazzo Borromeo, sede dell'Ambasciata d'Italia presso la Santa Sede.

Two important summits took place in the margins of UNGA this week - The UN Climate Action Summit and the UN Summit on Sustainable Development Goals - where the EU expressed its strong commitment on accomplishing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development towards a peaceful and prosperous world, with human well-being on a healthy planet at its core.

A high-level European Union delegation will be in New York for the 74th United Nations General Assembly next week. The EU representatives will host and participate in a large number of events and meetings with world leaders. The EU continues to be a leader in global cooperation: joining forces with partners in support of multilateralism to uphold and promote international law and human rights, to support peace and democracy, to promote sustainable development and to stand side-by-side with people in need all over the world.

The European Union and the United Nations are natural partners. We are the world’s leading proponents and defenders of a multilateral and rules-based global governance system. Together, we respond to global crises, threats and challenges which cannot be addressed by individual nations acting alone, and which require cooperation and coordination based on universal values and rules.

"More than ever, our partners are looking to the European Union to stand up exactly for
multilateralism and the rules-based international order with a strong United Nations at its
core: as European Union, we are determined to preserve it. Investing in our partnership with
the UN is natural as we share the same fundamental values and goals. Together, we join forces
in our work around the world and in Europe, for sustainable development, peace and security,
and humanely and respectfully managed migration. And together we fight for education for all,
gender equality and human rights.”
- High Representative / Vice-President Mogherini, on the United Nations Day, 24 October 2018

It is with great sadness that I learnt of the death of Jacques Diouf, a great figure of Senegal and of Africa, and a man of deep conviction in his commitment to humanity.

As we mark the International Criminal Justice Day, the European Union reaffirms its longstanding support towards the international criminal justice system and in particular its unwavering commitment to the International Criminal Court (ICC), as part of the EU's wider commitment to a rules-based international order.

The Council today adopted conclusions on the EU's priorities at the 74th UN General Assembly(September 2019 – September 2020). These conclusions complements the Council conclusions on strengthening multilateralism which were adopted on 17 June 2019.