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Gender Transformative Approaches

08/05/2019 - 20:29
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New gender approaches to achieve much needed change for a sustainable society

Today, the 3 Rome-based UN Agencies, together with the European Union launched the funded programme "Scaling up Gender Transformative Approaches to Eradicate Hunger, End Poverty, and Promote Sustainable Agriculture".


“I have difficulties to speak about this as a women’s empowerment or gender equality policy, it’s about basic human rights” said Ambassador Jan Tombiński.


The Ambassador highlighted that gender requires an approach that goes beyond agriculture and access to profit, it’s about social equality and inclusiveness that are crucial to achieve a peaceful environment and that conventional gender-sensitive methodologies often fail to address the gender-based causes of food insecurity and chronic hunger and for this reason the European Union has decided to fund this transformative approach that addresses root causes of gender inequality. Furthermore, the Ambassador explained how these GTAs (Gender Transformative Approaches) are embedded in the European Union external policy in supporting partner countries around the world in their efforts to secure peace and promote their stability. He stressed that these transformative approaches constitute valuable tools to increase a sustainable social environment.


“Investing in women means to invest in peace as they have a key role in achieving a peaceful and cohesive society” concluded Ambassador Tombiński.

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