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HOD Tombiński participates to FAO's Side event - EU in support of the implementation of the Peace Agreement in Colombia

13/12/2016 - 11:02

On the 6 December 2016, the Head of Delegation, Ambassador Jan Tombiński spoke on the EU's support on the implementation of the Peace Agreement in Colombia. Among the other panelists, also the FAO Director-General.

Photo credit: ©FAO/Alessandra Benedetti

EU in support of the implementation of the Peace Agreement in Colombia

FAO, 6 December 2016

EU Ambassador Jan Tombinski spoke on 6 December at FAO in an event on supporting the implementation of the Comprehensive Rural Reform for the realization of peace in Colombia.  The Government of Colombia has asked the European Union, FAO and a number of civil society organizations to help implement the Peace Agreement that was recently concluded in the country.

Ambassador Tombinski stressed that peace in Colombia is in the interest of all of us. Peace in the world is undivided: security of all depends on the security of everyone. Moreover, peace in Colombia will last only if there is a genuine engagement to deliver change after the conflict. The peace agreement pays particular attention to the rural population, which suffered especially under the protracted civil war. Peace building and poverty alleviation, respect of rights of minorities, sustainable use of natural resources and institutional capacity building at national and sub-national levels are well enshrined into the peace agreement. These are perfectly aligned with EU values in general and with EU development objectives in particular

The EU is ready to support implementation of Peace Agreement by offering financial assistance to Colombia's rural development programmes. A support package of € 40 million is ongoing, out of which € 14.2 million was recently disbursed. In addition, on 12 December, the EU Trust Fund for Colombia will be launched with a value of about € 95 million.

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