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10 August 2018, New York- Statement on behalf of the European Union at the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly at the occasion of the approval of the appointment of Michelle Bachelet as High Commissioner for Human Rights
On the International Day for the World’s Indigenous Peoples, we celebrate the contributions of indigenous peoples to the diversity and richness of civilizations and cultures and indeed to our common heritage. It is also a day where we take stock of the many achievements in the recognition and
24 July 2018, New York- Statement on behalf of the EU and its Member States by H.E. Ms. Joanne Adamson, Chargé d'Affaires a.i., Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations, at the Security Council Open Debate on The situation in The Middle East, including the Palestinian Question
There are an estimated 370 million indigenous people worldwide, living across 90 countries. They make up less than 5 per cent of the world's population, but account for 15 per cent of the poorest. Nevertheless, indigenous peoples contribute to the diversity and richness of civilizations and
As the first batch of re-imposed US sanctions on Iran takes effect, the EU’s updated Blocking Statute enters into force tomorrow to mitigate their impact on the interests of EU companies doing legitimate business in Iran.
Today, more than ever, the EU is increasing engagement to boost multilateralism and international cooperation. That is the message from the European Union's Foreign Ministers today as they adopted their priorities for the United Nations and the 73rd UN General Assembly (UNGA). Together the EU
Climate, Peace and Security The Time for Action
A 30 second round up video of Climate, peace and security conference.
Freedom of expression
Freedom of opinion and expression are fundamental rights of every human being
International Women's Day 2018
In Israel, the EU is represented by 27 member states, 9 of the Ambassadors are women.
Seven years of war in Syria have taken an enormous toll on the civilian population in the country, causing one of the worst humanitarian crises the world has faced since World War II.
While important progress has been achieved and the number of deaths at sea has significantly decreased, a large number of crossings still happen along the Central Mediterranean route and many migrants are faced with dire conditions along their journeys. The EU has already made an enormous effort,
The Emergency Trust Fund for Africa complements the long-standing and comprehensive partnership that European Union and Africa enjoy together. Established at the Valletta Summit on Migration in November 2015, the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa was created to address the root causes of
Illicit firearms and small arms and light weapons (SALW) continue to contribute to instability and violence in the European Union, in its immediate neighbourhood, and in the rest of the world.
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