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Open Call For Interest: Entrepreneurship for Social and Solidarity Economy

Beirut, 08/07/2020 - 10:34, UNIQUE ID: 200708_3
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Are you concerned with social and solidarity-driven entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean? Do you want to boost your activism leadership skills in this area? Do you have a project idea that can be implemented within a regional common action framework?

About Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality Programme

Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality is a 3-year (2019 – 2022) EU-funded Technical Assistance regional Programme with the overall objective to strengthen the role of CSOs active at the regional scale, in building sustainable development, regional cohesion and social resilience, as well as in influencing policy-making in the Southern Neighborhood and the Euro-Mediterranean Space.It recalls the importance of the civil society as an agent for change, an essential component for democracy, whose participation in public processes and in policy dialogues would lead to more inclusive and effective policies, transparency and accountability. Its vision is to mobilise local communities on regional issues of common concerns to influence the agenda of public decision-makers and regional institutions, involving CSOs[1] in emerging regional platforms and thematic dialogues.

It is within this scope that we have designed and launched “Med Dialogue Fellows” as one of our key activities in support of young civil society leaders and regional networks.

Med Dialogue Fellows

The purpose of “Med Dialogue Fellows” is to enhance the advocacy skills and the networking capacities of young leaders and their organisations in the region. Young leaders committed to addressing specific challenges of regional interest will be brought together to exchange practices, build channels of cooperation among themselves and develop local actions within a coherent regional framework. “Med Dialogue Fellows” is addressed to young potential leaders in activism through three thematic areas for which open calls for interest are announced each time.

The first edition of “Med Dialogue Fellows” had for theme “Addressing the Ecological Challenges in the Mediterranean”. It gathered 31 Fellows from the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and Syria. The young leaders joined a 5-day Bootcamp organized by the Programme’s team in Tunisia on 27-30 January 2020. As a second step, the Fellows worked on the development of their project ideas, coached by our team. Finally, in June 2020, they launched simultaneously the common action “10 Days for the Mediterranean” in their own hometowns/regions.  

With this second edition of Med Dialogue fellows we continue to look for young leaders who are committed to addressing Mediterranean policy challenges beyond national borders, in order to facilitate the development of regional networks, mutual skill-building, promoting advocacy, building channels of cooperation and developing local actions within a common regional framework. The theme of this second edition is: Entrepreneurship for Social and Solidarity Economy.

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