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Development of Citizen-Centric Digital Services 

07/07/2020 - 09:04
Better Public Services

Development of Citizen-Centric Digital Services 

Brief Description:

The project aims to improve public digital service development in Armenia by improving e-governance management capacity, policy making, policy implementation and developing digital identification services (eID services) for public service delivery.

Moreover, the digital identification services will be integrated into the e-governance infrastructure and an awareness-raising plan will be created to increase e-identity take-up and usage.

Finally, within the project the Estonian e-Governance Academy Foundation (EGA) experts will assess the interoperability framework of Armenia and provide recommendations for e-services’ development and integration.


Actions in Brief:

During the project, EGA experts will

  • analyse the policy development and implementation of public service delivery and draft an implementation plan;
  • review the legal framework and make recommendations for improvements;
  • conduct workshops and training programmes for the staff of relevant governmental agencies,
  • create an awareness-raising strategy and monitor citizen feedback;
  • analyse the available e-ID services and their usage in public and private services offering processes
  • identify potential legislation, technical, procedural, organisational and financial barriers of e-ID services;
  • develop a financial model of an e-ID service;
  • develop a communication plan (based on public awareness survey, current situation analysis and best practices);
  • assess the interoperability framework;
  • develop uniform standards for public service provision;
  • assess all existing registries, digital databases, key information systems and responsible organisations, their level of digitalisation and develop a national service delivery modernisation road map, as well as recommendations concerning business processes and procedures for at least 35 key digital services;
  • optimise the front office and back office workshare.


Duration:                                 02/2020 - 08/2021

Total Project Budget:              €499 599

EU Contribution:                     €499 599

Location:                                 Armenia

Implementing Partner:            Estonian e-Governance Academy Foundation (EGA)

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