Delegation of the European Union
to the United Nations - New York

EU Intervention – United Nations: Interactive Dialogue with the UNDP Administrator

New York , 04/02/2020 - 16:49, UNIQUE ID: 200205_15
Statements on behalf of the EU

4 February 2020, New York – Intervention by H.E. Ambassador Silvio Gonzato, Deputy Head of the European Union Delegation to the the United Nations, in the Interactive Dialogue with the United Nations Development Programme Administrator

Mr Steiner, Administrator of UNDP,


I am speaking on behalf of the European Union as a donor. The EU  as you know, has a long-standing partnership with UNDP. I therefore welcome the opportunity to exchange views with you in this Interactive Dialogue.

In 2018, we started a High-Level Strategic Dialogue on delivering on the 2030 Agenda. This includes 5 priority areas: SDG implementation, climate change and green energy, building resilience, private sector development and inequalities.

This partnership translates into significant financial contributions from the EU institutions to UNDP, which in 2018 reached about half a billion US $, making us one of your largest donors. We strive for the highest possible quality of our funding by providing predictable and multi-year funding in order to allow better planning for our UN partners.

Mr Administrator, distinguished Members of the Executive Board,

The EU welcomes UNDP’s strive for innovation, which we hope will turn into an accelerator for implementation of SDGs. We are also encouraged by the momentum generated for Integrated National Financing Frameworks promoted by UNDP and the EU together with other partners.

The EU is a strong supporter of the UN Development System (UNDS) Reform. UNDP is an essential pillar of this reform and an enabler of its success. Continuous efforts will be required to ensure the reforms keep moving forward and are fully implemented on the ground. We count on UNDP commitment in this respect.

In the spirit of the UNDS reform, the EU seeks to promote collaboration between different UN agencies for more integrated, coherent, efficient and results-driven UN action. One of the most prominent examples for this is the Spotlight Initiative, where the EU invests EUR 500 million into a programme implemented in collaboration between UNWOMEN, UNFPA, UNICEF and UNDP to stop all violence against women and girls.

We welcome the efforts demonstrated by UNDP and the other New York based agencies for increased joint action. This should be further enhanced, including with regard to the definition and measurement of joint results. We strongly encourage a system-wide approach to harmonisation in all possible areas, in line with the UN Funding Compact. We continue to strongly encourage agencies to strive for efficiency gains, ensuring a maximum of aid reaches final beneficiaries.

In that context, we also support the proposal of an annual joint session of the Structured Funding Dialogue. The joint programmes as well as the Humanitarian-development-peace nexus might be evident topics for this joint session to start with.

As a partner, we look forward to engaging on the Midterm Review of UNDP’s strategic plan and to continuing our mutual efforts in implementing the 2030 Agenda on the ground.

Thank you.


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