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Reforming Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Iraq

15/12/2019 - 10:06
Education and Research

This Project is part of a financing agreement, signed with the Iraqi government in 2014, for the TVET and Labour Market. The initiative aims to support the establishment of an open, stable, and sustainable society, based on a diversified and growing market economy that generates employment, reduces poverty, and promotes equitable economic and social development.

Overall objective:

To make Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) a key driver for Iraq’s economic development, by increasing the competiveness and relevance of TVET in line with the international standards, so that it can deliver quality education to young people in order to prepare them for wage and self-employment.

The specific objectives of the project are to:  

  • Revise, improve and operationalise TVET quality system and a governance model.
  • Create a modern, demand driven TVET sub-sector, supported by comprehensive interpretation of the current and expected future needs of the labour market.
  • Improved capacities and competencies of TVET stakeholders.
  • School to work transition of TVET graduates facilitated, with work opportunities for vulnerable groups improved.

EU Contribution

EUR 18.2 million




Baghdad, Diyala, Dohuk, Erbil, Kirkuk, Nineveh, Sulaymaniah and Nasiriyah.


Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education and  MOLSA (both in central government and KRG).

Implementing partner


Funding Instrument

Development and Cooperation Instrument

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