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Hans-Peter SCHADEK : "L'Union européenne est fermement attachée à l'intégrité territoriale du Cameroun"

10/05/2019 - 15:53
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En présidant, ce 9 mai 2019, la réception offerte à l'occasion de la célébration de la Journée de l'Europe à Yaoundé, l'Ambassadeur, Chef de Délégation de l'UE-Cameroun a souligné que, tout en appelant au dialogue pour une issue pacifique à la crise qui secoue les régions anglophones du pays, l'UE reste très attachée au respect de l'intégrité territoriale du Cameroun. L'Ambassadeur Hans-Peter SCHADEK a aussi passé en revue les grands moments et axes du partenariat entre le Cameroun et l'Union européenne.

"As a friend and partner, the EU has been fully engaged in working with Cameroon in the various areas of our partnership, ranging from peace and security, humanitarian action and human rights to development cooperation, investment and trade. 

Let me just take the example of the fight against terrorism and the crisis in the Lake Chad area. The recent UN - EU joint high level mission to Cameroon is a good example of our commitment to support the countries around Lake Chad in addressing the various security, humanitarian and development challenges on the ground. Cameroon's efforts and sacrifice in fighting Boko Haram have been recognized in the course of that mission.

Many of you also may know that the EU is supporting the Multinational Joint Task Force fighting Boko Haram with more than 50 million Euros (32 billion FCFA), providing funding, for instance, for vehicles, communication equipment and medical services.

At the same time, the situation in the North West and South West regions remains of deep concern, as the number of displaced people is still high and violence has not yet come to an end. 

The EU strongly condemns any violence against civilians. And the most recent atrocities committed against members of national security forces are barbaric and utterly horrific.  Perpetrators of such acts of violence have to be held accountable. As HRVP Federica Mogherini recently said in more general terms, "... we will continue to ... ask to shed full light on human rights violations".

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