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Demobilization, Disassociation, Reintegration and Reconciliation: Conflict Dissolution and Peacebuilding in North-East Nigeria

08/01/2019 - 13:58
Democracy and Human Rights

The proposed project seeks to contribute to the successful reinsertion and reintegration of former low-risk associates of Boko Haram and other NSAGs and promote long-term reconciliation in affected communities in North-East Nigeria. This will support the efforts of the GoN to promote peace, security and stability in Nigeria and the wider Lake Chad Basin region

Expected results:

  • The Government of Nigeria's registration, screening, categorization, and referral process for former Boko Haram associates is efficient and systematised.
  • Former Boko Haram associates receive adequate reinsertion services at Gombe Reinsertion Centre;
  • The foundations are in place for sustainable socio-economic reintegration of former associates of non-state armed groups. 

Main activities:

  • Database structure to collect and analyse biographical and biometric data of suspected Boko Haram associates is available to relevant authorities.
  • The Government of Nigeria has the capacity to carry out registrations, screening, categorization, and referrals;
  • Former associates of non-state armed groups receive adequate reinsertion services in Gombe.
  • The infrastructure for reinsertion services in Gombe Reinsertion Centre is in place.
  • Former associates of non-state armed groups have increased access to socio-economic support. 


Source of funds: ICSP

Total budget (EUR): 3M
Implementing period: 18 months (expected to start August 2018)

Implementing agency: IOM, UNICEF, Neem Foundation

Geographical region: North East Nigeria

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