Delegation of the European Union
to the United Nations - New York

Migration: EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Bruxelles, 28/03/2018 - 18:55, UNIQUE ID: 180328_27

The Emergency Trust Fund for Africa complements the long-standing and comprehensive partnership that European Union and Africa enjoy together. Established at the Valletta Summit on Migration in November 2015, the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa was created to address the root causes of instability, forced displacement and irregular migration and to contribute to better migration management. The Valletta Summit brought together European and African Heads of State and Government in an effort to strengthen cooperation and address the current challenges but also the opportunities of migration. 


The Trust Fund for Africa is worth over €3.4 billion, with over 88% of the contributions coming from the EU, and around 12% from EU Member States and other donors. The bulk of its resources are dedicated to the creation of jobs and Economic Development, especially for young people and women in local communities, with a focus on vocational training and the creation of micro and small enterprises. The other priority areas are supporting Resilience to support basic services for local populations, Migration Management, e.g. to prevent irregular migration and fight human trafficking, as well as Stability and Governance, in particular by promoting conflict prevention, addressing human rights abuses and enforcing the rule of law.

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