Delegation of the European Union
to the United Nations - New York


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About us - structure and organisation

Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations - New York

The European Union (EU) has Delegations accredited to the UN in Geneva, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Nairobi — and New York. Their role is to coordinate the EU’s day-to-day relations with the UN.

The Delegations also report back to EU headquarters in Brussels on the UN’s activities. Their reports feed into the political agenda in Brussels, which in turn creates a framework for operations at the local level. In addition, the Delegations work closely with EU countries which have a presence at UN offices.


In New York

The Delegation based in New York started work in 1974 when it was granted observer status at the 29th UN General Assembly. Before that it was an information office.

EU delegations operate under the authority of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, Mr. Josep Borrell. The HRVP is supported by the External Action Service, which is tasked with working in cooperation with the diplomatic services of the Member States and comprised of officials from relevant departments of the General Secretariat of the Council and of the Commission as well as staff seconded from national diplomatic services of the Member States.

In addition to its coordination role, delegations also serve a reporting function, covering the breadth of the UN agenda or working with Member States on burden sharing. Delegation reports feed into the political agenda in Brussels, which in return creates the framework for operation at the local level.

Amb. Olof Skoog, Head of the EU Delegation to the UN


Ambassador Olof Skoog is the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations since December 2019. He is a Swedish diplomat with extensive experience from a number of top positions worldwide, representing both Sweden and the European Union.

Ambassador Skoog was most recently the Permanent Representative of Sweden to the United Nations, and in this capacity served as the Chairman of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission and President of the UN Security Council. He has previously been Director-General for Political Affairs in the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has represented Sweden at the European Union and at the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). He has also been Swedish Ambassador to Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama and served as Executive Assistant to Dr. Hans Blix in the UN verification of WMD in Iraq.

With the European Union, Ambassador Skoog served as the first Permanent Chair of the EU Political and Security Committee, coordinating the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy. He was then posted as the EU Ambassador to Indonesia and Brunei, also representing the EU to ASEAN.

Ambassador Skoog was born in 1962. He is married to Johanna Brismar, currently Sweden's Ambassador to Brazil. They have three children.

Office of the Ambassador

H.E. Olof Skoog

Ambassador, Head of the Delegation

Ms. Tine Benson

Attachée, Assistant


Office of the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation

Mr. Silvio Gonzato

Ambassador, Deputy Head of Delegation

Ms. Ildikó Bubor

Attachée, Assistant


Coordination, Press and Information

Mr. Sébastien Brabant

First Secretary, Head of Section

Ms. Sophie Parson

Assistant Attachée, Section Assistant

Mr. Marcel Pieper

Senior Outreach and Coordination Officer

Mr. Christopher Matthews

Press and Public Affairs Officer

Ms. Shila Patel

Public Affairs/Website and Social Media Officer

Ms. Jelena Vujic

Event Coordinator/Planner

Ms. Alina Maria Necula



Legal and Institutional Affairs, Counter-terrorism and Sanctions

Ms. Simona Popan

Head of Section, Counsellor, Legal Adviser

Ms. Daniela Gauci

Counsellor, Legal Adviser

Ms. Linda Gueye


Ms. Artemis Koutsopoulou



Political Affairs and Security Council

Ms. Natalie Tolstoi

Head of Section, Elections, Security Council reform

Col Janos Balazsi

First Secretary, Military Issues, Peacekeeping, C34, EUMS PoC

Mr. Andrea Pontiroli

Counsellor, Middle East and North Africa

Ms. Mary Clune

Counsellor, Western Africa (Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire, UNOWAS/The Gambia), Lake Chad Basin, fight against Boko Haram, Great Lakes region (Burundi, DRC, UNOCA), Sudan/South Sudan, Sudan sanctions, Peacebuilding Commission OC, Guinea PBC, Liberia PBC, Sierra Leone PBC, Burundi PBC, SEA (GA only)

Mr. Viktor Dvořák

Minister Counsellor, Europe, Americas, 4th Committee (non-Middle East & Peacekeeping/SPM issues), Asia: Afghanistan, Central Asia, 1st Committee, conventional non-proliferation

Ms. Anne Schouw

Counsellor, Peacekeeping, Non-proliferation, Disarmament, Asian issues

Ms. Teresa Carlsson Szlezak

First Secretary, Sahel/Mali, CAR, CAR PBC, Somalia, African Union, financing peace operations, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Bissau PBC

Ms. Ellie Vance

Assistant, AGORA management and helpdesk

Ms. Ellen den Otter

Assistant, AGORA management and helpdesk

Ms. Roxanne Heidrich



Economic, Trade and Development

Mr. Axel De La Maisonneuve

Head of Section, Minister Counsellor

Ms. Elisabeth Pape
Minister Counsellor for Development​

Mr. Carlos Casal
Counsellor for Development​, Macroeconomic, Trade

Ms. Peggy Vissers

Counsellor, Development, Macroeconomic, Trade

Ms. Helge Zeitler


Ms. Harriet Ludwig


Ms. Agnieszka Klausa

First Secretary

Ms. Geraldine Villeroux

Policy Assistant

Ms. Rosalinda Seldowitz


Mr. Chris Kojo Dijkman Dulkes


Ms. Sara Leming




Humanitarian Affairs

Mr. Eduardo Fernandez Zincke

First Counsellor, Head of Section

Ms. Maria Vinuela Rodriguez

Ms. Ineke Hordijk

Policy Assistant

Ms. Venise Greffine


Ms. Linda Gueye


Ms. Natalya Wozab



UN Horizontal Issues, UN Budgets, Management and Reform

Mr. Thibault Camelli

Head of Section, Counsellor

Mr. Axel von Schwerin


Ms. Katarina Salaj



Human Rights and Social Affairs

Mr. Christophe Forax

First Counsellor, Head of Section

Mr. Klas Nyman


Mr. Julien Bourtembourg

First Secretary

Ms. Thisvi Ekmektzoglou

First Secretary

Ms. Theodora Castan

Senior Advisor

Ms. Venise Greffine


Mr. Eliran Oz


Mr. Nathaniel Long


Ms. Odessa Quinonez


Ms. Elizabeth Rakowski





Mr. Joakim Nissinen

Attaché, Head of Administration

Ms. Ilse Geukens

Deputy Head of Administration

Mr. Nicolas Atchinak

IT Officer

Ms. Anne Verheyleweghen

Human Resources

Ms. Monica Ambaum


Ms. Gaelle Duchemin

Administrative and Cultural Affairs Officer

Mr. Ian Burrows

Administrative Officer, Procurement

Mr. Daniel Borlandelli


Mr. Carlos Rodriguez


Ms. Jessica Hinds


Reception Team

Reception Desk/Meeting Services

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