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Water resources management

10/01/2013 - 00:00
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Bafatá Misti Iagu – Water supply and management for the city of Bafatá, Guinea Bissau

Mama Saliu Sidibé Sow, Bafata traditional representative "Regulo"

"A lot has changed, a lot. Before this project we had to collect water using a donkey and cart, that came out quite expensive due to the transport. But now we have a household connection and another one in our business, it's cheaper. Definitely a huge change, no doubt. Because water... is primordial. All services need water".

Angelo Lopes, owner of the Pitico Bar


Guinea Bissau is one of the poorest countries of the world where only 53% of the population has access to an improved source of water. Waterborne diseases are the second cause of child mortality. Bafatá is the biggest city of the country with around 30 000 habitants. Only about 20% of its population had access to improved water source. Infrastructures were severely damaged and there were not enough resources to ensure production and maintenance of the systems.

Angelo Lopes, owner of the Pitico Bar


Defining a management model for the water supply of Bafatá to guarantee access to water for nearly 15 000 persons. Enabling key stakeholders to implement the management model. Developing infrastructures to supply water to the targeted population. Improving population awareness on hygiene, environment and consumer issues.


An improved management model for the water supply in Bafatá has been established ensuring its future sustainability. 115 graduates from institutions linked to the water sector in Bafatá have received training in management and awareness raising related topics. Rehabilitation and expansion of water supply particularly the breaks in the network have been identified and fixed. Two new photovoltaic generators for water pumping have been installed. An awareness campaign on hygiene, proper handling and storage of drinking water as well as consumers responsibilities.


Mama Saliu Sidibé Sow, Bafata traditional representative "Regulo".

"For us, the community leaders, this is a very important project. We, as representatives of the Bafata community, are very satisfied with this project. Before our women had to collect water in wells, far away, with no quality to be consumed. That causes diseases to our children(headache, diarrhoea, fever..). But thanks to Bafata Misti Iagu project, and thank God with the support of the donors, we now have public standpipes where people collect water."

Dr. Vitorino Aiogalé, Director of the Bafata Regional Hospital

"There has been a decline in the number of cases of diarrhea in children, and also in the number of typhoid fever cases, although the water service doesn't reach all neighbourhood in Bafatá, there’s been a huge improvement. A project like Bafatá Misti Iagu, is mostly a prevention project."

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