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HRC 46 - EU Intervention in the interactive Dialogue on the High Commissioner report “Ensuring accountability and justice for all violations of international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem”

Geneva, 24/02/2021 - 15:00, UNIQUE ID: 210224_7
Statements on behalf of the EU

Madam President,

The European Union remains concerned by the situation in the occupied Palestinian Territory, including continued violence and loss of lives. According to the High Commissioner's report, 67 Palestinians, including 16 children, and 1 Israeli, were killed during the reporting period.

The High Commissioner’s report noted persistent pervasive failure to ensure accountability for allegations of excessive use of force by the Israeli security forces; persistent impunity in relation to allegations against all parties in Gaza; and few steps taken to investigate the members of Palestinian security forces or of the security forces in Gaza for alleged excessive use of force and other human rights violations .

In the context of the High Commissioner's report, the EU recalls that compliance with international law, international humanitarian law and international human rights law by States and non-State actors is a cornerstone for human dignity and for peace and security. The human rights of civilians on both sides must be respected. The EU equally recalls the responsibilities of the de facto authorities in Gaza in this regard.

The EU reiterates its strong opposition to Israel's settlement policy and actions taken in this context. The EU urges both sides to demonstrate, through policies and actions, a genuine commitment to a two-state solution in order to rebuild trust and create a path back to meaningful negotiations. The EU also reiterates its call for an end to the closure in Gaza, while addressing Israel’s legitimate security concerns, and unimpeded access for humanitarian actors.  The EU firmly condemns rockets and other attacks from the Gaza strip, as well as terrorist attacks, and any other form of violence, including growing number of settler-related incidents, and incitement on all sides. 

The EU calls on all parties to fully cooperate with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and on Israel to reverse its publicly stated freeze in relations with the Office, including in relation to the issuance of visas for international staff, allowing the office to continue its essential work, monitoring the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territory and report on violations by all sides.

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