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EVENT - FIFDH - Women Journalists: Prime Targets of Cyberbullying

06/03/2019 - 15:15
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Being both a woman and a journalist: a double burden? Targeted on social networks, women journalists simultaneously experience gender-based violence and mistrust of the media.

Pressures on journalists through social networks are increasingly common. They face daily attacks, both from isolated haters and from highly organized networks. Women are particularly targeted: through sexist and racist insults or calls for rape and murder, perpetrators aim to humiliate, terrorize and silence those who do their jobs. Almost always conducted by men, these virtual assaults generate a fear of seeing stalkers act on their threats. In the face of such outbreaks of hatred, how can we enable women journalists to pursue their work without endangering both their health and lives?

In A Dark Place, Javier Luque Martinez addresses the issues of gender, freedom of information and expression though the personal experiences of women journalists who have fallen victims to online violence in reaction to their work.

Debate organized as part of the 2019 Equality Week in the City of Geneva, entitled "Digital, what is your #gender?" More info at:

The debate will be held in English with simultaneous translation into French.


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