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HRC 48 - Enhanced interactive dialogue on the oral update by the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan - EU Intervention

Geneva, 23/09/2021 - 14:36, UNIQUE ID: 210923_10
Statements on behalf of the EU

Madame President,

The EU thanks the Commission for its oral update, and their important work.

Members of the Commission,

We echo your concern that much of the past decade since independence has been marked by violent conflicts and on-going human rights violations and abuses in South Sudan. Your past reports about starvation as a method of warfare as well as the most severe forms of sexual and gender based violence, including gang rapes and sexualised torture, are among the most gruesome this Council has  heard. Extra-judicial executions in Lakes and Warrap as well as forced recruitment add to our concern. The repeated attacks on civilians by armed groups along ethnic or clan lines are sufficient evidence that monitoring and reporting today are as vital as ever. We are deeply concerned about attacks on humanitarian workers and reiterate the governments responsibility to protect all individuals, including humanitarian actors.

We welcome the convening of the transitional parliament and the announcement made by President Kiir that general elections will be held in 2023. We are very concerned about the perspective of a dangerous interruption of general dialogue among parties and, in particular, the Rome talks which recently have started producing some small yet important outcomes.

We are particularly concerned about the widespread and systematic corruption which especially impacts the 80 percent of the population that are living in extreme poverty.

Members of the Commission,

80 percent of the people living in extreme poverty in a resource rich country like South Sudan is surprising. Can you shed some light on the role the security forces, including the NSS, play in corruption/in this context, given their links to the oil sector and the effects of corruption on the ability to enjoy social and economic rights?

Thank you.

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