Delegation of the European Union to the
UN and other international organisations in Geneva

HRC 46: Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on albinism - EU Intervention

Geneva , 02/03/2021 - 17:38, UNIQUE ID: 210302_13
Statements on behalf of the EU

Madam President,

The EU thanks the Independent Expert and takes note of her very useful report which provides an overview of the achievements of her mandate and points out the remaining challenges.

Ms. Ero,

The EU would like to thank you for your very valuable contributions during the past 6 years.

We commend the substantial progress in the realization of the vision of your mandate and the numerous and high-quality achievements that were accomplished.

Your work has contributed to raising awareness about the human rights violations and abuses targeting persons with albinism and efficiently promoted their elimination. We further welcome the specific measures taken to prevent and end attacks against persons with albinism, and we take note in this regard of the Regional Action Plan on Albinism in Africa (2017-2021), and more recently the new Plan of Action to End Attacks and Other Human Rights Violations Targeting Persons with Albinism in Africa (2021–2031), which is expected to replace the Regional Action Plan.

The EU reminds that it opposes all forms of discrimination. It calls on all States to ratify the relevant international human rights conventions and to fully and effectively implement them.

Ms. Ero, two questions to conclude:

- what were the main challenges in implementing the regional action plan?

- how is COVID-19 impacting the human rights of persons with albinisms and what measures can States adopt to mitigate such negative effects?

Thank you!