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HRC 45 - EU Intervention: Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on Independent Expert report on Sudan

Geneva , 02/10/2020 - 17:44, UNIQUE ID: 201002_16
Statements on behalf of the EU

Thank you Madame President,

The EU commends the significant progress that has been made in the first year of Sudan’s transition and remains a strong supporter of the ongoing democratic change. The cooperation between the Government and OHCHR is an important step on this path and we look forward to the opening of field presences later this year.

The EU welcomes the peace agreement reached with several of the armed groups to be signed in Juba tomorrow (3.10) as an important milestone in the establishment of a lasting peace in Sudan. We urge those who continue to stand outside of this process to become part of the solution.

We have seen strong efforts by the Government to improve the human rights situation and policy, in particular in the areas of Freedom of religion or belief and women’s rights. However, many challenges remain on the path to sustainable peace, reconciliation and democracy. Holding those accountable for past and recent crimes is a vital part of this path.


The EU would like to thank you for your work in the past years!

In your view, what are the most pressing human rights challenges in the short-term and mid-term perspective in Sudan?

Madame High Commissioner,

How do envisage the cooperation between your office and UNITAMS in order to ensure the most effective promotion and protection of Human Rights in Sudan?

Thank you.


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