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Lebanon's European Theatre Festival

09/03/2020 - 12:17

The aim of this project is to promote intercultural exchanges between Lebanon and European theatre professionals.

European Theatre Festival


Budget: €100,000
Location: Beirut and Tripoli
Date of project: since 2018
Implementing Partner: Al Madina Theatre Association

Theatre has a long tradition in Lebanon, not only as an art but also as one of the most effective educational and cultural activities which ultimately brings people together and catalyses behavioural change.

From this perspective the idea was born of organising Lebanon's European Theatre Festival, designed to be a channel promoting culture, human rights, and freedom of expression. The idea of the Lebanon's European Theatre Festival is rooted in the European Union’s belief that theatre provides opportunities for dialogue and cultural exchange. It is also a powerful way to spark exchange and dialogue around existing social challenges.

The European Union is committed to supporting the continuous and sustainable development of Lebanese theatre through cultural exchanges, exposure to European theatre and talent, and by supporting theatre performance as a tool to promote intercultural exchange and peaceful coexistence.


EU Culture Theatre Festival Lebanon


  • Promote inter-cultural exchanges between Lebanon and European theatre professionals
  • Showcase European theatre performances in Lebanon, leveraging Europe’s cultural diversity and different approaches to theatre by different member states
  • Bring people together and catalyse social cohesion, cultural exchange, tolerance and peace



  • Wide public of Lebanon, including youth and students
  • Drama students
  • Theatre professionals and talents



  • Planning of the festival with EU Member States
  • Showcase of plays, workshops, seminars and other activities by theatre ensembles and professional theatre makers from various countries


Lebanon European Theatre Festival


  • Creation of synergies and cultural exchanges between Europe and Lebanon
  • More dynamic theatre industry in Lebanon
  • Increased freedom of expression through theatre in Lebanon
  • Constructive and engaging dialogue about the different themes tackled by the plays. The festival touches on a ranges of themes including human rights, social diversity, identity, migration, and other global modern-day issues


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