Delegation of the European Union to the
UN and other international organisations in Geneva


€60.000 - €139.000




The Delegation of the European Union is now inviting expressions of interest for a Residence to be leased, suitable for its representation needs of the Ambassador.

Summary of Requirements

  • independent villa, in excellent condition
  • Abdoun area only
  • strong security and privacy features
  • maximum of 600 square meters build space (excluding technical areas / basement)
  • furnished (preferably)
  • eco-friendly, with already installed solar PV / thermal panels
  • expected occupancy start date: June 2020
  • submissions deadline: 15/02/2020



Detailed Requirements

The main features of the ideal property are set out below.  There is a mix of mandatory requirements (example: location and security features) as well as aspects where more discretionary flexibility may be applied. 

Expressions of interest regarding potentially suitable properties are invited from the local real estate market on a closest practical fit to requirements basis.


Security and Privacy

In accordance with our guidelines the Abdoun area is the only possible location that can be considered.

The property must be a stand-alone building (independent villa), with appropriate security details, including a secure boundary wall and / or suitable high fencing around the entire perimeter. 

It should be equipped with security features such as a high quality alarm system, secure entrance gates and doors, and electric shutters for all windows.  In terms of privacy features, buildings that are not overly prominent are strongly preferred.  In addition, the property itself should ideally not be directly overlooked by adjoining properties.

The landlord will be expected to show flexibility in relation to any specific security of privacy requirements the Delegation may have.


Detailed Property Features

In general, the property should meet the EU's requirements as regards high quality construction standards, general appearance and maintenance condition. 

The strong preference is for an existing suitably furnished property, in fully ready, turn-key condition. New projects that will be completed within the timescale envisaged may also be considered. Unfurnished properties may also be considered (provided the landlord will furnish at their own expense prior to move in).

The property should be well-suited and equipped the needs of representation, including for private functions and small events.

The internal lay-out should include a formal reception and dining area, together with a separate private living area.  The total build space should be a maximum of 600 square meters, over 2 floors (this excludes any basement / utility / technical service areas). 

The more detailed specific requirements are as follows:

Formal Reception Area

  • Entrance hallway
  • Cloakroom area
  • Reception area to provide sufficient space for at least 50 people standing
  • Dining room for at least 12, preferably 14, people seated
  • Kitchen area, including high quality catering facilities installed

Living Area (separate)

  • Office / private meeting room
  • Family / lounge room
  • Master bedroom
  • Two / three additional bedrooms
  • Guest bedroom

Garden Area

  • Garden area suitable for receptions for up to 150 people standing;
  • Porch and a covered terrace, with seating for up to 10 people
  • Swimming pool is an additional asset

Utilities / Other

  • Appropriate air conditioning and space heating systems already installed
  • Appropriate bathroom and toilet facilities throughout
  • Equipment rooms, including suitable for IT equipment
  • High speed fiber internet connection (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz; min 500 mbps) equally distributed all over the building with suitable access points
  • An off-street garage with 2 secure parking spots
  • Internal telephone system with external line access


Climate Action / Renewable Energy

The EU has an ambition to be a global leader on Climate Action. To avoid air and climate pollution from carbon emissions, the building should produce as much of its energy needs from clean renewable sources as possible.  Specifically, it should:

    • Generally use eco-friendly materials and equipment throughout
    • Have appropriate insulation, including double-glazed windows throughout
    • Have already installed renewable energy production technology, especially full scale solar PV panels and / or solar thermal for all water heating purposes; fossil fuel powered diesel boilers may only be used for deep winter back-up purposes
    • Efficient use of water and water recycling


Building Regulations, Codes and Standards

The property should also comply with all local applicable construction codes and regulations, and where possible with EU and other internationally prevailing standards.  This should include:


  • No asbestos or other harmful substances present
  • Health & safety regulations and policies
  • Fire prevention and control equipment installed, including smoke detectors
  • Compliance with anti-seismic codes.


Proposal Submissions

The following details should be contained in all submissions:

  1. A full description of the building per the stated requirements, including its location, address, date of construction and total surface area per above definition
  2. Details of the main security and privacy features
  3. “Green building” credentials especially regarding installed renewable energy
  4. Rental terms and conditions, including rental price per square meter
  5. Details of any availability restrictions (e.g. if refurbishment is underway or planned)
  6. Current (not historic) photos of the facades taken from the street level and inside the property, including all important rooms
  7. Details of any major reconstruction or refurbishment works either previously undertaken, planned, required or under consideration
  8. Floor plans, sections, elevation drawings suitable for review by relevant professionals (.pdf/.cad format)
  9. Spreadsheets including details of surface areas in square meters


Additional Notes:

  1. Full due diligence checks with be required including environmental, operational, security and fire-related reviews will be required;
  2. The EU will consider any rental payments structured on a phased basis.
  3. The building should also have been protected against infestation from insects, rodents, especially in the underground drainage system etc.;
  4. The EU will not accept any employment obligations regarding any existing domestic staff members currently employed at the residence by the owner;



Contact details

For any queries regarding the call please contact the Delegation at:




This notice aims to collect information about properties and projects which can meet the Delegation’s aforementioned needs. The information collected will be used to identify those properties suitable to the Delegation’s needs.   



All property market participants and other interested economic operators owning or holding any property which can meet the Delegation’s needs are encouraged to formally notify the Delegation, using one of the following methods:


  • Registered delivery, as evidenced by the postmark, or Hand delivery 

to the following address:


Delegation of the European Union to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Princes Basma Street,

North Abdoun, 11185, Amman.

To the attention of:  The Head of Administration

Subject: Property Expression of Interest


  • Electronic delivery to the following address:




The deadline for final submissions is 15 February, 2020

Deadline to express your interest (inscription): 
Sending of invitation to tender (Indicative time): 
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