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Technical Cooperation Facility II

07/01/2019 - 13:18
Regional overview

The overall objective is the support for the identification, drafting and implementation of the RIP. Mobilisation of short-, medium- and long-term expertise as well as studies and seminars.


Expected results:

  • The successful identification of programmes to be supported under the RIP;
  • The successful formulation and preparation of programmes to be supported under the RIP;
  • Production of sector studies that will assist in increasing the performance and efficiency of ongoing and future programming;
  • Increased understanding of development and trade issues by key actors through the organization of seminars and trainings. 

Main activities:

  • Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) – a facility for the engagement of short to medium term consultants to assist in the main stages of the project cycle to ensure the effective implementation of the Regional Indicative Programme (RIP);
  • Conferences and Seminars and Training Support for Projects & Programmes– this will finance various educational actions such as seminars or awareness-raising activities prior to or during the formulation/implementation of a project or programme – for example a Project Cycle Management workshop of stakeholders in a sector identified in the RIP.   


Main accomplishments to date:

  • Of the EUR 5.6 million, EUR 5.4 million has been committed so far in a number of relevant projects. 



Source of funds: 10th EDF (CRIS ref: 2013/024-579)  

Total budget (EUR): 5.6M

Implementation period: 2014 - 2018

Implementing agency:  ECOWAS and UEMOA

Geographical region: West Africa

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