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EU Statement: Standing Committee on the Law of Patents 29th Session (WIPO, Geneva, 3 - 6 December 2018) - Opening Statement

Geneva, 10/12/2018 - 14:02, UNIQUE ID: 181210_22
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EU Statement: Standing Committee on the Law of Patents 29th Session (WIPO, Geneva, 3 - 6 December 2018) - Opening Statement

Mr Chair,

  1. I am speaking on behalf of the EU and its Member States.  Mr. Chairman we are looking forward to working with you under your able leadership which successfully guided us in the past. We also thank the Vice-chairs for their work and their support. The EU and its Member States would like to thank the WIPO Secretariat for preparing this meeting as well as for providing all the relevant documents.


  1. Chair, in Europe we feel the impact of inventions and innovations every day both in daily life as well as w.r.t economic indicators and numbers.  Thus, the importance of a sound and reliable international patent system seems very obvious to us. Patents serves as sound pillar of global economy in a multilateral world by being useful for countries on all stages of development. In order to take full advantage of the patent system, knowing the similarities and differences of patent law systems as well as learning from best practices is paramount.  This committee is devoted to promote the global patent system for the benefit of all member states. We are highly motivated to contribute in this process and we hope that the further study of similarities and differences will help us to remove trade obstacles and get a vision regarding a more harmonized global patent regime.


  1. Being strongly committed to the issues and the work carried out in this Committee we would like to assure you of our constructive and progressive approach in discussing the issues on the agenda for this week.


  1. We are convinced that we will be able to make considerable steps forward on important issues like “Quality on patents” which is a crucial subject for the success of the whole patent system, and “Confidentiality of communications between clients and their patent advisors”.


  1. The EU and its Member States look forward to interesting and fruitful discussions with respect to publicly accessible databases on patent information status and data, on medicines and vaccines, as well as sharing of experiences by practitioners on negotiating licensing agreements in the field of patents and health.


  1. The EU and its Member States are confident  we will be able to agree on a work program for future sessions of this Committee by finding the right balance between issues of mutual interest and benefit to be discussed in the same spirit as we hjave done this in the last session of this committee.


Mr. Chair, we remain committed to the work of the Committee and look forward to a constructive session.

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