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WIPO - 33rd Session of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights - Opening Statement

Geneva, 14/11/2016 - 16:02, UNIQUE ID: 161114_7
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WIPO - 33rd Session of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights Geneva, 14 -18 November 2016 EU Opening Statement


The European Union and its Member States would like to thank you and the WIPO Secretariat for the preparation of this thirty-third session of the Standing Committee. We count on your commitment and expertise to lead this session of the Committee towards successful outcomes generated on the basis of constructive discussions, for the benefit of the global intellectual property system. We also take this opportunity to welcome Madame Sylvie Forbin to her role as Deputy Director General. We look forward to working with her.


The European Union and its Member States have been actively involved in the discussions on the treaty for the protection of broadcasting organisations. These discussions are of great importance to us and we are ready to continue to work constructively to advance on this complex and technical matter. What is of utmost importance is that the treaty towards which we are working should respond to both the current and future needs and interests of broadcasting organisations and should reflect the development of technologies used by broadcasting organisations.

During this session, we look forward to in-depth discussions on document SCCR/33/3 - the updated consolidated text on definitions, object of protection and rights to be granted. As we have mentioned on previous occasions, what is needed is a broad consensus as to the extent of the protection to be granted so that the treaty can provide broadcasting organisations with adequate and effective protection. Considerable efforts have been made during previous sessions in order to build consensus on the main issues of a treaty and this consensus should allow us to agree on a meaningful text that reflects the technological developments that have occurred in the 21st century. We reiterate our commitment to progressing towards the conclusion of a meaningful treaty. For this purpose, we look forward to the further engagement by the Committee in order to create the conditions that will lead us towards a successful outcome.

The European Union and its Member States will also continue to contribute constructively to the discussions on exceptions and limitations.

In our view, these discussions would be most useful if they aimed at a more thorough understanding of the issues at stake. At the same time, the discussions could also look at possible solutions and flexibilities among those already available under the framework of the existing international treaties. In this regard, we think that useful work could be done in this Committee to provide guidance regarding the manner in which the international treaties are implemented in national laws.

The EU and its Member States strongly believe that the existing international copyright framework already empowers WIPO Member States to introduce, maintain and update limitations and exceptions in their national legislation that can meaningfully respond to their local needs and traditions, while continuing to ensure that copyright is an incentive and a reward to creativity. We therefore do not see a need for any new and additional legally binding instruments in this area.


We hope that the Committee can come to a shared understanding on this and on what would constitute a concrete outcome on these agenda items that can be supported by all delegations. As we have said in the past, we believe that the exchange of best practices, in an inclusive way for the benefit of all WIPO Members, can serve as a useful tool in that respect.

Thank you.

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