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Key findings on the 2013 European Commission report on Iceland

04/11/2013 - 00:00
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The Icelandic government has decided to put the accession negotiations on hold and has indicated that the negotiations will not continue unless approved through a referendum. In light of this decision, the Commission decided to produce a short, purely factual report for Iceland, which is part of the 2013 Enlargement package adopted by the European Commission on 16 October.

The Commission concluded in its report that Iceland continues to fully meet the political criteria for EU membership and can be considered a functioning market economy. Prior to the decision to put the negotiations on hold, during the reporting period, 9 chapters of the negotiations were opened and 1 provisionally closed. Negotiations had reached an advanced stage, where in total, 27 chapters had been opened of which 11 provisionally closed since the opening of accession negotiations in June 2010.

Key dates

  • July 2009: Iceland presents its application for membership of the EU
  • February 2010: Commission's Opinion on Iceland's application for EU membership
  • July 2010: Start of the accession negotiations
  • December 2012: Latest accession conference: 6 chapters opened, 1 provisionally closed bringing the number of opened chapters to 27 of which 11 have been provisionally closed.
  • April 2013: Parliamentary elections in Iceland.
  • May 2013: new government decides to put accession negotiations on hold, not to be resumed unless so approved by referendum

Here you can find the full Report.

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