Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine

Implementation of the first phase of The Action on the sanitation of the municipal boiler and the area heated with it

01/09/2015 - 00:00

Description: Overall objectives: decrease of CO2 emmission in the town of Zhovkva; economy of energy, implementation of energy-efficient technologies, usage of renewable sources of energy. Specific objectives: substitution of gas to wood in production of energy in the municipal boiler, decrease of loss of heat while transporting it to the recipients, decrease of usage og energy in boiler and kindergarten #2, formation of energy-efficient ethics among workers and alumni in kindergarten #2; rise of consciousness among citizens concerning the need of energy-efficient sanitation of their own houses.

Location: Zhovkva, Lviv oblast, UKraine

Implementing organisations: ZHOVKVA TOWN COUNCIL

Duration: from 04/2015 to 08/2018

EU Contribution: € 688,000.00 (80% of total)

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