Представництво Європейського Союзу в Україні


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Yesterday, a court in Rostov-on-Don sentenced Ukrainian citizens Muslim Aliyev, Refat Alimov, Enver Bekirov, Arsen Dzhepparov, Emir-Useyn Kuku and Vadym Syruk to lengthy prison terms. They are accused of belonging to an organisation that is banned in Russia but not in Ukraine. The excessive sentences, ranging from 7 to 19 years imprisonment, constitute the latest targeting by the Russian Federation of Ukrainians from the Crimean peninsula including Crimean Tatars and human rights defenders. 

ILO is launching this call for applications of legal experts to participate in the drafting of the legal acts transposing a number of EU directives on OSH and labour relations into national legislation.

National Civil Service Agency of Ukraine(NCSA) is looking for an experienced and qualified System infrastructure architect to support the NCSA in implementing Strengthening Public Resource Management (Part A: Strengthening Human Resource Management in Public Administration Institutions) project executed under the Grant agreement #TF OA5324 between the World Bank and the Government of Ukraine and funded by the EU program “Support to comprehensive reform of public administration “.