Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine


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Good afternoon,

It has been a long day, a long meeting, a lot of discussions. Because we had several points on the current affairs.

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Good morning,

We have - as always - a very complex and long meeting. We will start with the Gulf, a very complex region where we have the highest GDP per capita and the most worrisome humanitarian crisis in Yemen. From Qatar to Yemen the situation is very different. We have to see how we engage more with the region, I am coming back from this part of the world, paying a visit, and we will see what we can do to engage more with this region.

EUACI announces the selection of a vendor to provide timely and adequate financial management assistance and capacity building activities to the civil society organisations.

EUACI announces the selection of a consultant to build capacity of the NACP Communications and Information Policy Unit and to inform the stakeholders and public about the important developments and possibilities for cooperation, raise awareness of target groups and increase the impact of the NACP in prevention of corruption in Ukraine.

Children account for 22% of all victims of trafficking. The majority of child victims are girls, almost 78%. The EU Anti-Trafficking Day is a reminder that trafficking of children remains a serious threat in the EU.

A Reform Support Team (RST) at the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine (MCTD) is a group of Ukrainian professionals (non-civil servants) funded on a temporary basis by international donors in order to provide targeted technical support and assists MCTD in the design and implementation of priority reforms.