Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine


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Description: Overall objective: mitigate the impact of the conflict through increased resilience and civic engagement among adolescents and youth in conflict- affected eastern Ukraine.

Description: The purpose of the proposed action is to strengthen the capacity of the government of Ukraine to prevent and address civilian harm in the Donbass region.

Description: Overall objective of the project is to stimulate sustainable local economic development on the territory of amalgamated community Nove Misto via development and promotion of local tourism infrastructure under a brand name “COWBOYky”.

Description: Overall objective of the project is to support sustainable economic growth of the Baranivka amalgamated territorial community via local business networking and improvement of business environment and infrastructure.

Description: The general objectives of the Project concern the refurbishment of existing teaching, research and supporting facilities at the universities and/or higher education institutions in Ukraine with a view to improving their energy efficiency and making other non-energy efficiency related educational investments.

Description: The project aims at connecting individuals and groups by means of modern IT to fight corruption, conducting advocacy campaigns for regulatory and administrative anti-corruption reforms and promoting legal responsibility for corruption crimes.

Description: The objective of the Trust Fund is to assist the Government of Ukraine to create the preconditions for transparent functioning of agricultural land markets to enhance efficiency of resource use and provide a basis for investment in the rural sector.

Description: The project purpose is to support participation of the Ukraine to the Horizon 2020 programme. The support will take the form of financial contribution to the participation to H2020 covering part of participation fee for the period of 2016 (second half year) – 2018 to the EU programme in line with the relevant Agreement between the EU and Ukraine.