Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine


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Description: The overall objective of the programme is to support the activities of the OSCE SMM, by continuing the Union's assistance in the area of satellite imagery and complementary monitoring tools.

Description: The overall objective of the project is to contribute to further development and modernisation of the transport sector in Ukraine in line with the National Transport Strategy. Ukraine needs a clear and coherent transport model and master plan for the transport sector, as well as short/ medium term investment programs and guidelines for identifying projects in the long term.

Description: Strengthening the rule of law through litigation and advocacy efforts at the national and international levels, analysis of legislation/legislation application practices, providing objective and impartial information on the situation of torture to a wide public, and elaborating recommendations for real measures should be taken in order to improve the human rights situation.

Description: Global objective is to improve the State Statistics System in Ukraine in line with Ukraine's commitments under the AA/DCFTA. Specific objectives are: to support the State Statistics Service of Ukraine to implement the statistics web portal; to ensure that the development of the web portal is in line with the requirement of technical specifications.

Description: The Specific objectives of the assignment are to support to the implementation of the Public Procurement reform Strategy/Road map for harmonization in Ukraine and especially to the second phase of legislative harmonization; strengthening monitoring of PP contracts.

Description: This project has been designed to support civil society with methodological skills (analysis, dialogue, advocacy), and with technical expertise to work effectively on the specific conflict issues arising from their own analysis. Thomson will bring contemporary communications and production skills to participants from both regional media and CSO communities.

Description: The goal of the project is to support MEDT in improving sustainability of the key reforms performed by the Ministry, and specifically the Public Administration Reform. The assistance foresees development and support in implementation of the new organisational design and integration of HR principles of high performing management and result based management within Ministry teams.

Description: Overall objective is to improve Ukraine's business climate, competitiveness, innovation and integration into the European Union's internal market by improving its national quality infrastructure.

Description: The project consists of provision of the equipment and software for the establishment of the web-portal. The supply shall include suitable technologies along with further design and implementation in an ICT-development-life-cycle process.

Description: Overall objective is creation of the conditions ensuring access to the historical and cultural heritage of Rivnein order to improve the tourist attractiveness of the city.