Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine


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Among 285 project-winners from all over the world of the Call 2019 Erasmus+ Jean Monnet actions Ukraine has won 22 projects: 15 Modules on economic development, governance, regional policy, criminal policy, European values, European Higher Education Area, social and economic issues of refugees and migrants, data protection, prevention of corruption; 3 Chairs; 1 Centre of Excellence; 1 Project on Cyber Security; 2 Support to Associations. Total projects' budget is about 750 000€.

The Council of Europe invites qualified candidates to apply for the following vacancies within the framework of the Joint project “European Union and Council of Europe working together to strengthening the protection of human rights in Ukraine”:

Description: Overall objective is contribution to the advancement of Ukrainian reforms in culture and cultural and creative industries, education, health, media, social enterprises, and youth. Contribution to a stronger mutual understanding and dialogue between the EU and the Ukrainian society and within Ukraine. Supporting tolerance and cultural diversity in Ukraine and a stronger internal cohesion within Ukraine.

Description: The objective is to support the Ukrainian School Reform, in particular the implementation of the Venice Commission's opinion and the Roadmap for implementation of article 7 ''Language of Education'' of the law of Ukraine ''On Education'', with focus on curriculum development, development of teaching material and teachers' training, and specifically teaching national language to non-native speakers.

Description: The overall objective is to improve the resilience of Ukrainian parliamentary elections to cyber threats. The purpose of this Contract is to strengthen Ukrainian stakeholders capacities to ensure cyber security resilience in the electoral processes, to help to foster a culture of cyber hygiene among the main political parties in the country.

Description: The overall objective is to support the modernization and development of a sustainable Public Health System that is able to ensure disease prevention and control standards in line with EU legislation, requirements and practices.

DescriptionThe overall objective is to support the establishment of a modernized VET system contributing to sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development. It allows a better economic governance, focusses on increased diversification and higher labour productivity. Improving the VET system will be achieved i.a.

On 30 July 2019, representatives of the EU and Ukraine signed an agreement, in Kyiv, to amendspecific provisions in the 2014 EU-Ukraine Association Agreement regarding trade preferences for poultry meat and poultry meat preparations.

The European Union institutions open a board and inclusive structured consultation on the future strategic direction of the Eastern Partnership (EaP).