Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine


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Description: Specific objective is to stimulate employment and economic growth by providing assistance to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) development through demand-driven business development services and professional skills training.

Description: This project aims to combat discrimination against Roma who live in Ukraine. The project foresees that legal professionals will work together with Romani communities to increase Roma's understanding and capacity to use their legal rights. The impact will be that Roma will know their rights and feel confident to use the legal system should they be prevented from enjoying those rights.

Description: To contribute to peace, economic revitalization and reconciliation in Eastern Ukraine through social and economic recovery.

Description: Capacity building to Home Owners Associations for the activities of Ukrainian Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF), preparing HOAs for EEF applications.

Location: Ukraine.

Description: The State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection intends to further integrate and expand databases for collection, collation and processing of data. This will be achieved through the procurement of new database and application software.

Description: The objective of the action is to contribute to the Government of Ukraine’s efforts to provide tailored support to veterans of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and their families for effective reintegration to civilian life, and their active contribution to the social and economic well-being of their communities.

Description: Overall objective of the Action is to enhance cooperation and relationship among local authorities (LAs) and civic society organizations (CSOs) to promote responsible actions and policies in preserving, managing and promoting local cultural heritage as shared good and common asset for strengthening local socio-economic development.

Description: Kharkiv oblast decentralisation healthcare project.

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Description: The overall objective of the programme is to support the activities of the OSCE SMM, by continuing the Union's assistance in the area of satellite imagery and complementary monitoring tools.

Description: The overall objective of the project is to contribute to further development and modernisation of the transport sector in Ukraine in line with the National Transport Strategy. Ukraine needs a clear and coherent transport model and master plan for the transport sector, as well as short/ medium term investment programs and guidelines for identifying projects in the long term.