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Technical Assistance to Install Solar Panel Park at Piarco International Airport

27/03/2020 - 16:23
Transport and Infrustructure

Duration: 90 days (to December 2019)

EU Contribution: EUR 49,575

Location: Project funded under the 11th EDF Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF) and managed by the EU Delegation to Trinidad and Tobago


The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT) is embarking on a project to develop a Solar Park at the Piarco International Airport (PIA).  To support this project, the EU contracted DT Global IDEV Europe S.L. to assist in developing project contract/tender documents and evaluation services for the AATT.

Overall Objective:  To assist the AATT in successfully translating the Feasibility Study on the use of Solar Energy at PIA into a realistic project design and associated grant project contract documents.


  • Development of a “Description of Action” document in accordance with European Union standards for the Installation of a Solar Panel Park at PIA. The components of the document includes the following:
    • Logical Framework
    • Technical Requirements (equipment life cycle including disposal), specifications, and expected annual generation capacity for the solar farm,
    • Detailed Work Plan and Timelines,
    • Defined Project Team (Composition, Qualifications, Experience),
    • Identify the needs required for external support, and
    • Project Governance and Reporting Framework (structure, frequency and level of detail).
  • Preparation of a detailed budget for the project.
  • Preparation of tender documents including the Evaluation Grid for hiring a contractor for the supply and installation of the solar farm, inclusive of a routine training component. The tender documents will include the technical requirements and specifications referred to in 1b above.
  • Provision of guidance on evaluating the technical responses during the evaluation of tenders.
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