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Make fun and celebrate Europe days: European lessons in Ukrainian schools

24/05/2019 - 10:50
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Taking upon the experience of the EU Centers in Luxembourg and in Lithuania, the Ukrainian lady with professional experience abroad, Svitlana Batsyukova, annually develops Europe lessons for school children in Ukraine. As a part of her volunteer activities in Ukraine, Svitlana developed three types of Europe lessons for different age categories: children aged 8-9 y.o, children aged  9-10 y.o. and children aged 10-12 y.o. Not only she was inspired by the European experience she obtained, but also driven by the lack of knowledge on the EU at Ukrainian schools.

Over 200 children from Severodonetsk on the east of Ukraine, Kyiv region and the city of Kyiv became active participants of the lessons developed by Svitlana. To the younger school children,  ideas of the united Europe and symbols of the EU were brought through EU map drawing, contests, word puzzles, flash-mobs that were organized by school children and teachers.

In 2019, the new Europe lesson was developed for older children aged 10-12. Forty school children from Obukhiv gymnasium and from Ukrainka secondary school #1 took part in the competition in six teams named Belgium, Germany, Lithuania (for Obukhiv) and Poland, Italy, France (for Ukrainka). In the game format, teams learned about the EU history, traditions existing in different EU countries, obtained knowledge about the EU bodies and important facts about the EU.  In the intensive competition the winning teams are – Lithuania and Italy.

The learning materials for the Europe lessons were provided by the Delegation of the EU to Ukraine. 

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