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ESDC/Eastern Partnership: More training activities for our partners

19/11/2018 - 01:00
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During the Eastern Partnership (EaP) panel on 'Security, CSDP and Civil Protection', EU Member States and EaP countries discussed ways to increase training opportunities on the common security and defence policy of the European Union. Austria, Lithuania and Sweden in particular supported events directed at strengthening capacity-building measures in the partner countries.

ESDC EaP Eastern Partnership Jochen Rehrl Marius Puodziunas

The European Security and Defence College's network partners announced several planned training activities for the coming year, including the traditional three-modular CSDP training programme, two orientation courses and two topical seminars, which would deal with strategic communication and hybrid threats. At the meeting, Austria expressed its readiness to support the various training events for the Eastern Partnership countries.

The Armenian delegation at the EaP panel meeting in Brussels.

In his speech, Dr Jochen Rehrl summarised the success story of CSDP training activities under the umbrella of the ESDC. To date, about 3 000 people have successfully completed ESDC courses and been awarded with a certificate which is recognised by all EU Member States and EU institutions. The alumni of the various activities meet on a regular basis to receive updates on the current challenges and progress made in the field of European security and defence.

ESDC EaP training

ESDC EaP training

ESDC EaP training


The Ukrainian delegation expressed its gratitude for having received the 'Associated Network Parnter' status of the European Security and Defence College for its National Defence University.