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Bilateral interactions with Ukraine: IPR

Bruxelles, 30/10/2018 - 14:25, UNIQUE ID: 181030_13
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In recent years, Ukraine has made important efforts to align its legal system with international IPR standards. Piracy and counterfeiting however remain major concerns. Ukrainian legislation does not include adequate provisions ensuring effective enforcement of IPR rights; they are particularly unfit for enforcement in the digital environment. To be fully integrated in the world trading system, to continue to attract foreign investment and to prevent major losses for right-holders, Ukraine has to implement all its international obligations, in particular the ones related to Intellectual Property Rights and their Enforcement.

Bilateral Negotiations 
In 2008 the Commission initiated negotiations for a deep and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with Ukraine (as part of the Association Agreement), negotiations were concluded and the DCFTA was initialed in July 2012. The DCFTA includes an ambitious IPR chapter aiming at regulatory approximation with the EU acquis and enforcement practices. 
IP Dialogue 
The dialogue form part of the broader cooperation between the European Commission and Ukraine that is foreseen in the European neighborhood Policy Action Plan. The first EU-Ukraine Dialogue on IP took place in Kiev in April 2006. These meetings have enabled both sides to exchange information on multilateral and bilateral IPR-related issues, on national IP legislation and practices, and to identify shortcomings and proposals for improvement. Enforcement is high on the agenda and will continue to be one of the main issues in the dialogue. The implementation of proper IP enforcement will have to be monitored closely. To complement this IP Dialogue additional ad-hoc meeting at expert level are held when deemed useful. 
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26 October 2007
15 May 2007
16 January 2009
6 July 2016
20 June 2018

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